to D or not to D

A recent blood test has came back indicating that I have a vitamin D deficiency.  Now normally I would take this information, and the subsequent advice from my GP about taking some supplements, and just get on with fixing the problem.

My hesitation arises from the fact that not one person I know who has been tested for vitamin D deficiency has had a normal result returned.  Now fair enough, a sample of 5 or 6 does not signify or prove anything, but that we are all deficient however does make me pause for a second.

I have done a quick search on vitamin D deficiency in general (see links below if you are interested), but I also found a report indicating that I am not alone being skeptical.

“There is a noticeable, if anecdotal, increase in the number of physicians ordering serum vitamin D tests to screen for deficiency. The vitamin D assay has become one of the most-ordered lab tests in the U.S., despite the assay’s questionable reliability, its $40-200 cost, and considerable unresolved debate as to what constitutes an optimal blood level.” Elsevier Feb 2010

So do I take supplements as the good Dr suggests? I think I will go for a walk in the sunshine while I consider that question.

some information on vitamin D


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One Response to to D or not to D

  1. Sally says:

    I was tested last year for Vitamin D (at my own request) and was found to be deficient. I’ve been taking the supplements about every second day since then, but I didn’t really increase my sun exposure – despite having all the best intentions! I was recently re-tested, and my Vitamin D level is now within the “normal” range. I was probably one of the sample group that you mentioned with the deficiency test result, so I thought I’d update you since I’ve had a normal test result since then 🙂

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