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The season that never was

Have just finished listening to my boys (Adelaide Crows) play their last footy match of season 2010.  We won the game, which makes it a total of 9 wins out of 22 matches for the year.  But considering the start … Continue reading

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Water break

Last week I had a short holiday in Beechworth, an old gold-mining town in North East Victoria.  The town is probably at it’s best in autumn, but there are benefits of visiting in winter. The chief of these benefits is … Continue reading

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Keen for Quinoa

Quinoa – pronounced “keen – wah” – is one of those so called superfoods.  This ancient South American grain-like crop is: gluten free complete protein source plant food (good for us vegetarians) high in fibre, iron, magnesium tastes yummy, a … Continue reading

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Simply Saturday

When is a weekend more than a weekend?  When it is the start of a holiday. Even though weekends are a good break, there are often a range of tasks that need to get done (cleaning, washing, shopping).  Then when … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a bit about flowers over the last few days. It started with a friend’s tweet “He used to give me roses, I wish he would again” (remember Prisoner?) Then I was lucky enough to be given a … Continue reading

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Been Soup (whatsit now)

It was a bit of a running gag between my husband and me – whenever there was bean soup on the menu the refrain would be “what is it now?”.  This gag works just as well for bean curry, bean … Continue reading

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Supplementary on supplements

In my recent blog “to D or not to D” I pondered the benefits of taking vitamin D supplements.  My concerns have not been allayed when I heard on the ABC Health Report (2 August 2010) that “calcium supplements have been … Continue reading

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