Lovers in Trouble

No, the title of this blog post is not an indication why I haven’t written anything for a while.  It refers instead to the title of a Poet’s Voice event I have just attended where I sat seduced as performers read a variety of love poems.

The majority of poems were celebrating the work of the Australian poet Dorothy Porter.  The evening was arranged following the natural ‘life span’ of love i.e. starting with Infatuation and Intimacy, before moving into Jealousy, Cooling, and Endings.  I’ve listed the program below.

My favourites on the night were the opening poem by WH Auden “Tell Me the Truth about Love”; Craig Raine’s “An Attempt at Jealousy” – great biting last line – ; and “Foggy Windows” by Dorothy Porter.


  • Tell Me the Truth about Love (WH Auden)


  • Wild Nights (Emily Dickinson)
  • Driving Home at 3am (Dorothy Porter)
  • Drought Sonnet (Dorothy Porter)
  • Poem 51 (Catullus)


  • I Like My Body When (ee cummins)
  • Carnal Knowledge 1 (Gwen Harwood)
  • Why I Love Your Body (Dorothy Porter)
  • Meeting Point (Louis MacNeice)
  • He Loved Three Things (Anna Akhmatova)
  • Lollies Noir (Dorothy Porter)
  • Fever (Ted Hughes)
  • Sonnet 57 (William Shakespeare)
  • Inside the Apple (Yehudi Amachai)


  • Family Album (Ian Hamilton)
  • An  Attempt at Jealousy (Craig Raine)
  • As Cunning as Serpents (Dorothy Porter)

Cooling, limits

  • Nothing to Say (Dorothy Porter)
  • Sacred Limit (Anna Akhmatova)
  • The Bath Tub (Ezra Pound)
  • Cascando (Samuel Beckett)
  • If She Rings (Dorothy Porter)

Endings, deepening, discovery

  • Foggy Windows (Dorothy Porter)
  • Lady of Miracles (Nina Cassin)
  • Lullaby (WH Auden)
  • Looking at Each Other (Muriel Rukeyser)

Pure Dorothy

  • White Calendar Day
  • Satin Bower Bird
  • The Amulet

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Live in Melbourne born in Adelaide, and thus love Cooper's Pale Ale, Haigh's chocolates and a good Mclaren Vale shiraz. But am now also addicted to 'good' coffee, wearing black, and footy at the MCG
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