Beautiful & thought provoking

I’ve been re-reading (or should that be re-looking) at a wonderful book “Information is Beautiful” by David McCandless.  Basibook jacketcally he takes a range of facts and figures  and presents them in a stunningly visual way.

The range of data presented can be quirky and fun eg Common Break-up Times on Facebook (avoid Mondays).  Or more traditional information eg Causes of Death in the 20th Century.

However, the real value McCandless’s work is when you are presented with something that so clearly encapsulates significant, and complex ethical/political issues eg climate change figures.  My personal favourite is “The Billion-Dollar-o-Gram” where you finally appreciate how the billions spent on this, compare with the billions spent on that.

graph from book

The Billion Dollar-o-Gram

You don’t have to borrow or buy the book (although it is great book to dip in and out of), you can view David McCandless’s work at his website  Or watch David on YouTube give a presentation of his work (including the billion dollar-o-gram)


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