Fear of failure or is it mediocrity? #blogjune

Some days it seems that the universe is trying to tell you something.  fear road sign with red diagonal

The day started listening to a podcast (The Good Life Project) that asked is what holds you back the thought that you are not good enough, smart enough, skilled enough or any other ‘enough’?

The reality is that there are probably  smarter, more innovative and skilled people out there.  This  shouldn’t stop you however from trying to do something of value.

Then at a VALA library event tonight Jan Holmquist  gave the quote “A company that is excellent at making the wrong thing will fail. Yet it can be mediocre at providing innovative things that people want, and it may succeed, at least for a while”.

Failure and mediocrity book-ending the day, highlighting my natural inclination to not do something because I fear that it will not be perfect.  Not participating in the #blogjune challenge prior to this year is a good example of this fear.

To succeed professionally and personally these days however we do need to risk not just noble failure, but perhaps even more challenging, risk being mediocre.


About julieinmelbourne

Live in Melbourne born in Adelaide, and thus love Cooper's Pale Ale, Haigh's chocolates and a good Mclaren Vale shiraz. But am now also addicted to 'good' coffee, wearing black, and footy at the MCG
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