Flushed with caffeine #blogjune

Coffee, because crack is bad for you” Unknown

I used to enjoy coffee, but since living in Melbourne I have grown to love coffee. Which makes it that much harder now that coffee doesn’t love me back.

cup of coffee with tulip latte art

photo by Takeaway on Flickr

Lately my face gets hot and flushed when I have a cup of coffee, a reaction not simply caused by a charming barista.  The flushing is painful enough to make me question the wisdom of having another shot (or double-shot).

I’ve gradually been reducing my intake, having more cups of herbal tea and buying decaffeinated coffee, but sometimes the smell of freshly ground beans, the hiss of the frothing machine, the decorative foam art are just too much to resist – whatever the burning consequences.

It make take me some time till “I wake up and smell the coffee”, and learn to live without a trusty cup of java.


About julieinmelbourne

Live in Melbourne born in Adelaide, and thus love Cooper's Pale Ale, Haigh's chocolates and a good Mclaren Vale shiraz. But am now also addicted to 'good' coffee, wearing black, and footy at the MCG
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